Takriv (Close-up)
Online magazine for discussion and critique of documentary film

Takriv is an online magazine that brings Israeli documentary film to the table of discussion and critique. Dozens of documentary films are produced each year and the vast majority of which are not followed by proper discussion. Takriv wishes to create a discourse around the cinematic creation, which represents new possibilities to examine, to imagine and to experience the world we live in.

The magazine wishes to generate a highly committed discussion. We wish to promote, first and foremost, the esthetic discourse; not severed from the social, the political or the ideological, but antecedent to them. Takriv offers a place for diverse writing: academic articles and researches alongside personal essays, poetic, philosophical and political notes. This is the variety we wish to establish here.

The documentary film searches its place as an art, not only as entertainment or journalism, but as a cinematic creation. The magazine wishes to highlight this place, where reality turns into art, to analyze it and to stimulate it, to serve as a platform for ideas and thoughts about film, through films.

Takriv wishes to publish essays on separate films or on bodies of work. We are open and willing to publish writers and researchers from other disciplines such as history, psychoanalysis, philosophy or visual arts. The sole criteria for publication is that the text illuminate the subject, that it be written with curiosity, passion and love for film, and from a serious approach to documentary film as a work of art.

Takriv is published by the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum and is therefore committed to Israeli creation. Notwithstanding, we wish to expose our readers to international creation and critical writing published in different magazines in the world.

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